Day 1 – January 1

Two very different photos for day 1!  I was in search of some color on this drab, grey day.  I found an interesting tree with what seems like little pegs for stepping on (branches that had broken off).  Perhaps for the creatures crawling up it?  Then, just as I thought I wouldn’t see sun, there was a quick break between the clouds and I was walking by tree in front of an old home downtown Portsmouth.  It had a handful of huge ornaments still on it and I captured the light (barely!) hitting the ornament.

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7 Responses to Day 1 – January 1

  1. Reagan says:

    I adore the texture in the first photo.
    And the colors in second are lovely as well. Excellent job.

  2. romaingirod says:

    I like the first image !!
    All the ligns and the texture is so beautiful !!!!

  3. romaingirod says:

    Thanks for all !
    I beginn wordpress since 2 days so i don’t understand all !!!
    Can i have a mail when you add something on your wordpress ?

    • Just 2 days ago, wow!
      Yes, you can have an email when I add something. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of my home page, you will see a button that says “Subscribe” and when you click on it, it will ask for your email. Also, since you are on wordpress, you can also go up above on the drop-down boxes and click on subscribe and it will add me to your list of blogs to look at regularly on the “my blogs” portion.

      I am enjoying your images – keep posting and, en francais, bon chance! 🙂

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