Day 2 – January 2 Plum Island and Purple Sand

Today I set out on a little adventure with a friend to a few different areas along the New Hamsphire / Massachusettes seacoast.  We stopped in a few different spots seeing everything from seals to a buffalo (yes, really, a buffalo), to hundreds of dried flowers hanging from a ceiling and miles upon miles of beautiful seashore.  I captured many photos, but the one that really caught my eye was this one.  We were out on Plum Island in an area that is part of a Reserve and closed off to general tourists for the winter months.  Yes, let’s take me out of the “general tourist” bunch for now.  😉  The sand was PURPLE!  Yes, take a look.  I was told it’s from the mussels.  Whatever it is, it’s pretty cool! 

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6 Responses to Day 2 – January 2 Plum Island and Purple Sand

  1. Geoffrey Hull says:

    Love the way you got the purple to really come forward!

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  3. prhscience says:

    My students have been doing studies of beach sand. Looking at the purple under a microscope you can see that the purple are mineral crystals and not mussel seashell. We believe the purple is from garnets.

    • Wonderful, I had no idea, thank you for letting me know! Garnets…wow, that’s very interesting. I will definitely have to learn more about it. And thanks for checking out my little photo project! 🙂

  4. I love this photo and study purple sand beaches. There are some amazingly beautiful ones near Big Sur in California. I have a question for you–do you remember where in the reserve you got out of the car and saw this stretch of purple sand?

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