Day 7 – January 7 UNH Hockey

I’m fortunate to live very close to the University of New Hampshire.  I have decided that since Purdue doesn’t have a hockey team, I’ll adopt the UNH Wildcats for college hockey.  Thankfully, with the kids out on winter break, they were running a special on tickets and I snagged a few along with my aunt, her boyfriend and his three kids.  UNH is currently ranked #4 in the country in Division 1 hockey and the tickets are usually tough to come by.  The pulled off a great win against U-Mass Lowell!  While I was definitely able to get up close, those of you that know hockey also know that there’s a lovely bruised and battered piece of plexiglass between you and the game, shielding you from flying pucks.  So… got a few shots, but they all have lovely smudges from hockey players and pugs previously bashing against the glass.  Oh, to have a press pass!  Did a little different processing in B&W Selenium tone just for the heck of it. 

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2 Responses to Day 7 – January 7 UNH Hockey

  1. Sharon says:

    Nice shots…great game….lots of fun!

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