Day 13 – January 13 North End, Boston

You know how there are these places that you just love, but you swear, up and down, that you’re not going to stop?  You don’t need to stop.  When they’re food places, you tell yourself you don’t need the calories, you really shouldn’t.  Well, I caved tonight.  I picked my Mom up from the airport in Boston and we had a little time to kill while we were waiting for my Dad to fly in (he was in Chicago on business – they live in Florida).  My Mom’s birthday is tomorrow, so I thought I’d welcome her to New England with a lovely dinner in the North End.  It’s the Italian food mecca of New England and quite frankly, pure heaven.  Mike’s Pastry is well known in the area for their cannolis….been there for years and they’re absolutely wonderful.  I caved.  Big time.  Included a cappucino along with.  See below.  Perhaps the dogs will get an extra long walk tomorrow…

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6 Responses to Day 13 – January 13 North End, Boston

  1. Mario Buttali says:

    J-Mar, very nice and so close to my heart. Happy Birthday to Mom!

  2. Kara says:

    Love that outdoor shot. Looks so inviting and warm despite the obvious weather conditions.

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