Day 14 – January 14 Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to my Mom today!  Boy, did we surprise HER!  Somehow, my Dad convinced her to fly up to New Hampshire from Florida.  In January.  He should get a medal for that.  Then, her two sisters flew over from Michigan and were staying with the fourth sister about an hour away.  We showed up at a local diner for breakfast and… SURPRISE!  There they were!  Pure shock on my Mom’s face…. it was hilarious!  That alone was worth the months of planning.  I have tons of photos I ‘ll share with the family, but my favorite was the one that I’m sharing with you – it represents most of the day.  LAUGHTER!  There were times when everyone was laughing so hard we had tears flowing down our cheeks!  Of course… I couldn’t help but share one photo of the cake too (and all the matches we thought we’d need to light the candles – he he!).  Coconut creme cake with a cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut on top.  DANG! 


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4 Responses to Day 14 – January 14 Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. alice reiffer says:

    Happy 60th!! Carol! nice surprise

  2. Pam says:

    What a wonderful surprise! Glad you could pull it off!

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