Day 17 – January 17 Grandma’s Vanity Set

My maternal Grandma passed away when I was very young – 6 years old.  I certainly do fondly remember certain things about her, but I was reminded even more this past weekend when my Mom was together with all three of  her sisters for the first time in a while and they were all making references to things their parents used to say, especially their Mom.  Quirky things she’d say when she had a sip of alcohol were really funny.  I was thinking of that today and instead of taking a photograph of the drink she’d have had in her hand, I searched for something I have that was hers.  This vanity set is one of the few things I have… it has 5 pieces (one is hidden on the other side of the brush) plus the mirror.  It is a minty green color and I aged it a bit in post processing. 

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4 Responses to Day 17 – January 17 Grandma’s Vanity Set

  1. Sharon says:

    Actually this set came from Auntie Agnes–Grandpa’s oldest sister-I have the hand mirror on my dresser. We got this after she was killed in the tornado. I always wondered where the rest of the set was!! Auntie Pat

  2. Dad says:

    Imagine that, I looked at the set this weekend.

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