Day 19 – January 19 Ronaldo’s

This evening I had the pleasure of having dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the greater “Seacoast, New Hampshire” area – Ronaldo’s.  The food was, as usual, exceptional.   While I was waiting for others to arrive, I sat at the bar with a lovely glass of chianti and was playing around with my camera.  It’s kind of raining, kind of snowing, but not really sleeting, so I was wearing a hat.    You can see it, doing battle with my glass of wine, on the bar.  That’s quite a mean face for a hat!  🙂  Hmmm… perhaps it was flirting instead!   I also grabbed a shot of the bar that I was facing… and you get a vague image of me in the background, taking the photograph. 

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2 Responses to Day 19 – January 19 Ronaldo’s

  1. Bubba says:

    Nice bar shot raw with an artistic edge nice work!

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