Day 24 – January 24 Crushed Red Pepper on the Move

It’s January and it’s exceptionally cold.  I mean, really stinkin’ cold.  When I went to work this morning it was -7F.  Let’s not talk about the wind chill.   So, as I’m putting together my grocery list earlier today I decided it was a fine time to make a nice pot of chili.  I could prep it tonight and let it sit in the crock pot all day tomorrow.  Nothing better than coming home to a nice pot of chili on a freezing cold day.  At first I had planned to take a photograph of my lovely spices I was going to put into my chili.  I’m a huge Penzey’s Spices fan.  Huge!  In fact, I made their chili recipe tonight.  However,  a friend said that I should photograph something in motion.  So… here ya go.  I had already browned the meat and was starting the inital part of the sauce where you actually brown the spices and get them to stick a bit in the pot.  First in – Penzey’s crushed red pepper.  Not my best motion shot, but hopefully you get the gyst…

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