Day 29 – January 29 Rockin’!!!

Tonight a friend was kind enough to invite me to join him to photograph one of his friend’s bands.  They were looking for a few promo shots.  Like every good friend does, I turned around and invited another friend to join us!  🙂  Special thanks to G-Man for hooking us up and to the Doctor for all the wonderful tips shared and letting us use your great gear!  My favorite was the homemade beauty box… as G-Man said, “I’ll never look at wonton soup the same way again!”.

It’s late and I just got home and uploaded the images.  I certainly haven’t had time to pick through them and process, but there were one or two that caught my eye right away.  One of the images I processed in both color and black and white.  Preference?  The last image just grabbed my attention…not sure why.  Perhaps because he looks so relaxed at at peace with his guitar? 

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4 Responses to Day 29 – January 29 Rockin’!!!

  1. Bubba says:

    Lookin good, nice work B/W looks raw if they rock the go raw…. Not to be confused with RAW. Lol!

  2. Matt says:

    Beaner… you must be getting big time… is that Rush Limbaugh in the bottom picture??

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