Day 33 – February 2 Shoeshoes

It was inevitable.  I finally got my first pair of snowshoes last night as the storm was starting to move in and I was able to use them today!  They were for practical application today.  When I was snowblowing I realized that the piles at the end of my driveway were over my head and I needed to climb up there and shovel part of them off to the side.  I originally started trying to walk out in just my boots and quickly learned that simply wasn’t going to work.  The snow has got to be over 3 feet high in the areas I was trying to walk… and that’s just to get to the big pile that’s over 6 feet.  I decided to grab the snowshoes and after I figured out how to get them on, I was moving!  They’re great!!  Well, so long as I stay upright, I learned.  🙂  I think I’ll practice on them a bit before I try to take my dogs out for a walk in them.  Here’s a photograph outside in my front yard.   Crazy – I didn’t even have to bend over to get the shot at eye level with these!!!  Yikes!

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2 Responses to Day 33 – February 2 Shoeshoes

  1. Bubba says:

    Great shot! Good depth of field and color is great. Nice work

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