Day 37 – February 6 Super Bowl!

Are you ready for some football?!?  Today is the day that the entire National Football League plays for and only two teams make it to.  It’s also the day that fans – fans of football, fans of food, fans of parties – all look forward to!  Admittedly, I’m not a fan of either of the teams playing.  However, I’m a fan of the game and I’ll watch it, cheering on the great plays, gasping at the horrible ones and laughing at the great over-priced commercials during breaks.  In honor of this day, I’ve photographed a football that I own from college.  When I was a junior at Purdue University, I just happened to live in an apartments right above Mike Alstott, our huge football star and a man that went on to be one of Tampa Bay’s greatest players ever.  After he finished that season, I knew he would do well in the draft, so one night I showed up at his door with a football and one of his college jerseys.  I gave the jersey to one of my brothers as a Christmas gift that year.  I kept the football.  It still sits in a special glass frame box, protected from dirt and dust, among all of my other sports memorabilia.  Here’s two shots of the ball…

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