Day 39 – February 8 Paws

I was preparing dinner this evening and both of my dogs were at attention, waiting, hoping, praying that I would drop one little crumb of food.  I wanted to get a photograph of them both sitting there, drueling.  However, when I grabbed my camera, they both jumped up (thinking I was going for food) and the shot was lost.  I was trying to get one of Tucker, my black lab, sitting there with his tongue stuck out and this is all I managed… paws and the grey around his mouth.   Well, at least they’re cute paws!  Oh…and no worries, he always seems to have longer nails than normal, but they’re trimmed every three months, right on schedule.  Lately they’ve been quite handy for him digging in the snow!

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4 Responses to Day 39 – February 8 Paws

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Tucker, what long nails you have!

  2. Pat Ykema says:


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