Day 47 – February 16 Tripod Fairy!

As I was walking to my French class at a local university this evening, I noticed how beautiful the campus is.  I didn’t have time to admire it last week (my first visit) because I was incredibly lost and was just trying to find my way around.  Tonight, I could enjoy the stroll to class.  I had a quick walk, but noticed one of the buildings that had great lights showcasing it.  I have no idea what the building is for, but it’s nice to admire it from the outside at night.  I took a few shots from another location that was free from trees and realized that I was out of luck without a tripod.  Camera still in hand, I kept walking toward class and shooting pictures.  I thought I’d give the building one more try and just as I did, a very kind gentleman by the name of Jay came to my rescue!  How often do you really wish you had a tripod and of course, you’re not carrying one?  More so, how often do you have that need and a man just happens to be walking by with one strapped to his camera bag around his back?!  Never!!!  I had just a few minutes to get a few shots in before class from where I was standing and this is one of them.  Super huge thanks to Jay (FlyingJ31 – check him out on Flickr!) for offering your tripod for two shots!

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4 Responses to Day 47 – February 16 Tripod Fairy!

  1. Melissa Lynn says:

    What a great story. I guess there are nice people in this world after all.

  2. Kara says:

    Great Shot! I love that this happened to you. You are one of those nice folks so you got what was coming. Love the lighting and crisp look you were able to achieve. It is also impressive that you got this while under a time limit and using unfamiliar equipment.

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