Day 53 – February 22 Tetsubin

One thing I look forward to every evening is my hot tea, especially in the winter months.  I really enjoy loose tea and in the evenings, like to drink green tea.  They say it’s good for you, whoever “they” are.  For me, it’s just a soothing ritual that helps me relax and unwind.  A few years ago my parents gave me a Japanese cast iron tea pot by Iwachu.  I wasn’t familiar with them, but quickly learned about the deep history of tea with both the Chinese and Japanese and how these cast iron pots evolved.  They are called “tetsubin” pots and some say that they are admired not only for the wonderful tea they produce, but also their beauty and craftsmanship.  I think it’s safe to say that since they’re all cast iron, they’ll last a while too.  I think I hear the tea pot whistling on the stove…

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