Day 61 – March 2 Fist

No, I’m not trying to make the “Joe Louis Fist” for those of you that are familiar with the large (and incredibly beautiful) sculpture in front of the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit (did I mention I’m a diehard Redwings fan?).  This fist is mine and I think my hands will contract to that fist position for a while after the drive I just had coming home from French class.  The commute is usually 45 minutes to an hour and tonight it was nearly double that.   I walked out to my car and quickly realized that I would’ve been better off with my ice skates than my boots.  The roads were a mess and I passed at least 6 cars that had slid off into the snow banks.  I drove slow and was careful, but at one point I realized that the tips of my fingers on my left hand were getting tingly.  I was gripping the steering wheel so tight I was limiting my circulation!  Yeah, that fun of a drive.  Thankfully, I’m home safe and sound!

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