Day 66 – March 7 Power Everything!

I’m sitting here chuckling as I write this because I’m thinking of how many of you will read this and think “seriously, REALLY?!”!  I picked up my new car today.  Well, new to me.  It’s the first car I’ve bought since 1999 (yeah, you heard me right) and that was a wonderful 1999 Jeep Wranger Sport.  It’s a gem of a Jeep and I love it to death.  I love it so much that I couldn’t part with it.  I have a sort of bond with this Jeep, which is hard to explain to anyone other than fellow Jeep owners.  With all that said, there are certain functional perks that it simply doesn’t have.  Sure, there’s a radio and I even added an aftermarket CD player.  There’s heat.  Kind of.  Well, ok, not really.   I haven’t had power locks, windows or seats …  and let’s not even talk about heated seats in the cold north east winter time!  There’s a cigarette lighter for me to plug my little heated seat attachment into though!  OK…you get the picture, right?  This image is representing power EVERYTHING!  I couldn’t even get a decent shot of all the buttons and switches.  And it’s AUTOMATIC!   (can you tell I’m just a little excited??)   Has a computer built right into it and I don’t even have a dipstick for my oil.  Seriously!  Ah… going to be a nice ride into work tomorrow…. 🙂

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4 Responses to Day 66 – March 7 Power Everything!

  1. Pat Ykema says:

    OK–what is it?

  2. Pam says:

    Congrats on the new ride! That’s exciting!

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