Day 67 – March 8 Trying To See Straight

It’s Tuesday night and that means it’s the night before my french class.  Yey!  However, that means I have to do my french homework (shh…don’t tell my teacher I haven’t even thought about it yet!).  Tonight I went to a workshop to learn about my new car.  Hey, it was a free dinner and a shot at winning a new flat screen tv – you would’ve gone too!  I learned lots, but now it’s late.  After working all day, then learning about cars, and now trying to study french, I swear, I can hardly see straight!  Oh, well, perhaps some of that can be attributed to the ice cold Magic Hat #9 in my hand.  But it’s only half empty.  A friend of mine got new glasses today (super stylish – my, how they’ve advanced!) and the picture she sent me reminded me of my last pair of glasses.  I say “last pair” because I had lasik eye surgery 6 years ago and I’ve been 20/15 ever since.  Yes, I just knocked on wood.   Tonight I feel like I need these glasses back on!  🙂

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