Day 68 – March 9 Old School

It’s Wednesday and that means French class day.  I really look forward to the class.  However, I do not look forward to sitting in that classroom for two hours.  I’m quite sure none of the other participants do either!  Don’t get me wrong, the college campus is great, but the old school (come on, you know they are) wooden desks that I don’t even recall having in grade school are a bit challenging to sit in for more than 10 minutes!  I’m one of the younger participants and I’m quite sure that the others would agree with me.  I’m guessing that their standing mid-class is representative of that.   Our instructor is great and the facilities, in general, are very nice.   Yet I find myself entertained each week by choosing a different desk and simply reading the graffiti.  Yes – old school!!!  This photograph is actually one of the desks in our classroom.  Perhaps I’ll consider toting a bag chair into class next week.  🙂

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2 Responses to Day 68 – March 9 Old School

  1. Mario Buttali says:

    Are you taking a class at Romper Room? Wood desks? Seriously? Great picture, though.

  2. I KNOW!!! Really?! I laugh every time I see them. My MBA experience at a private snooty university set up certain expectations and these desks weren’t anywhere in the picture!

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