Day 75 – March 16 Physics Formula

Wow…did I ever have a flashback to college tonight!?!?!  I studied engineering during my undergrad studies at one of the finest engineering schools in the USA – Purdue University.  No, of course, I’m not bias in the least bit.  🙂  I won’t boast about Purdue and how fabulous it is right now.  My point is that I studied engineering.  I happened to be walking into french class tonight and the class is actually in one of the science buildings on campus.  I walked by one of the professor’s office doors and noticed this formula.  Ha!  I actually understand it.   Kind of.   No, seriously.  I haven’t seen this stuff in years and there it is…physics (perhaps mechanical engineering related) staring me right in the face.  I won’t go into the details, but I’m quite sure that the a=acceleration and the v=velocity.  Kinematics.  Oh, too much, I know.  Yet I felt like I was back in college.  Now, what I’d really like to understand is how I can remember this crazy stuff from years ago, yet I can’t even remember what I wore to work yesterday!!  🙂

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