Day 79 – March 20 Sunset Over the Inlet

What an interesting photography experience.  I decided to go photograph sunset at this little inlet of water close to my house.  I saw it last night and the view in my rearview mirror was absolutely striking.  Had I not been trying to get to the beach to setup for the moonrise, I’d have slammed on my breaks and turned around.  So, I thought I’d go back tonight.  I say it was interesting because two odd things happened.  First, when I got out of my Jeep, a guy on the bike/walking path was coming by and looked almost scared.  I was blocking the path slightly since the gate was closed for the season for the parking area where I wanted to get in along the water.   He got a few feet closer and said “whew, I thought that was a shotgun!!!”.   He was referring to my tripod that I was getting out and extending the legs on.  Silly guy!  What did he think?  I was headed out turkey or duck hunting or something!?  I chuckled and headed out toward the water.   I was only out shooting for a few minutes because it was quite chilly.  As I’m walking back to my Jeep, there was a police officer pulling up behind it!  I quickly explained that I was only there for a few minutes and leaving right away.  He saw my camera and my shotgun-looking-tripod and said “oh, right, ok, hurry on out of here”.  Geesh!  So, with all that said, here’s my photo for the day… sunset over an inlet of water coming from the Atlantic.

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2 Responses to Day 79 – March 20 Sunset Over the Inlet

  1. Steve Wierengo says:

    Yet another beautiful sunset, so peaceful

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