Day 83 – March 24 Keys

Today was a big day for my neighbor and pet sitter – he got his drivers license!!!  He texted me in the morning, so excited, and let me know he passed his tests.  I’m excited for him too!  I remember when I got mine.  The anticipation of that day just about killed me!  Then it finally arrived and oh, FREEDOM!  When I got home tonight and was trying to figure out what to photograph, I almost called him to come over and let me take his picture.  However, it’s getting late and I have other things I still need to do, so I took a picture of my keys with my macro lens.  Ironically, I’m just now noticing that not one of those keys is actually a car key!  Ha!  Well, you get the picture.  Happy 16th birthday to Luke!  🙂

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2 Responses to Day 83 – March 24 Keys

  1. jess says:

    im going to see keys soon… the florida keys…. 🙂

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