Day 95 – April 5 Two Views

It’s another chilly, rainy, spring day here in the New England area.  A bit of sun would’ve been nice today, but sometimes you just have to play the hand you’re dealt.  I decided to try and capture the rain in my images today.  I’m always amazed at what cameras can do… how they “see”.  Today I had my 50mm f1.4 lens on my D700 and after thinking about it, started shooting through my sunroof in my car.  The first image has ZERO processing.  Yep, it’s naked.  It was also the first of these shots that I took.  The second, I was bringing the focus in onto the rain drops.  The only post processing was a slight crop of the inside of the car that I caught.  It’s amazing how different the two images of the exact same thing look.  We come across that as people too – two people can be looking at an image, a situation, an action, and be seeing two different things.  I can’t seem to choose which one I like better, they’re both unique and have attributes that I like.  Perhaps that’s a little reminder that two views might just different – one isn’t necessarily right and the other wrong.  Just different. 


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2 Responses to Day 95 – April 5 Two Views

  1. dmbphotography says:

    Both shots are great. I especially love the viewpoint you took on the second one.

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