Day 99 – April 9 Sharpen the Saw

For some reason, I’m one of those folks that is always in learning mode.  I love learning new things, even with a subject I’ve been studying for years.  Today I enjoyed a full day workshop by famed photographers, David Hobby and Joe McNally, focused on speedlight (flash) lighting.  It was really great watching them go through their setups and explain every detail, fielding questions from the audience along the way.   I have several pages of notes and a bunch of new things I’d like to try (and buy, of course) so I consider the day a success.  Since I had to head into the big city for the workshop, I thought I’d get there a little early and take a landscape few photographs when the light was lower and the crowds were non-existent.  I couldn’t make up my mind, so I’m including 4 images. 

Harbor early in the morning


Downtown Landscape

Hotel Lights


Enjoying the view... and each other

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