Day 108 – April 18 Front Door

Tonight I was watching my dogs looking out the front door, wondering what they were thinking.  Were they longing to be on the other side?  Free to run and chase after those squirrels or the little black cat across the street… or were they thinking “man, I’ve got it good!  I’m sticking around here!”  Hard to say – if I were a doggie mind reader, I’d be a very lucky person, but I’m not a mind reader or dogs or humans for that matter.  Yet we all find ourselves lost in the same thoughts…gazing to the other side… wishing we were there.  However, it’s not always what we expected.  One could say that for relationships, destinations (both vacation and residential), activities, health,  jobs, wealth.  The list could go on and on.  Sometimes, perhaps we should all take a look at what we have right in front of us and instead of adding up all the things that aren’t right, take a look at the other side and think about the things that are great.   Perhaps you won’t find yourself gazing out that door nearly as much and simply enjoying what’s on your side of it a little more.

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