Day 109 – April 19 Let’s Go Wings!!!

Alright, I’ve been holding something back.  I’m hockey fan.  A pretty big hockey fan.  I grew up in Michigan and to me, there is no other professional hockey out there that even comes close to comparing to our beloved Redwings.  Now, I know, you’re all moaning and groaning and saying “my team is better!” but in the end…we’ll see who’s holding the Stanley Cup.  🙂  (laugh, yes, I’m giving you die hard fans a hard time!)  Hey…we were kind of like the Red Sox for a while there, having a fabulous team with no championship for years.   Hockeytown was without the Stanley Cup from 1955 all the way until 1997.    This sweater (yes, they’re sweaters, not jerseys) is a treasured possession of mine.  It is a replica of the sweater of #19, “The Captain”, Steve Yzerman.  Not only was he a phenomenal player and the captain of the team for 20 years with 3 Stanley Cup championships (as a player), he was also a great role model.   I realize he’s gone on his way after retiring, but I’m still a fan.  I love my Redwings and I wear his sweater proudly when I’m at games.  The first round of the playoffs is going well so far…. LET’S GO WINGS!!!! 🙂

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10 Responses to Day 109 – April 19 Let’s Go Wings!!!

  1. Geoffrey Hull says:

    Sometimes you make me want to punch a Nun

  2. Came across your site on wordpress a bit back & enjoy your photos. Had to leave a comment on this one, really great shot … even if it is a Redwings jersey 😉 Let’s go Pens! (oh no right!)

    • Thank you so much Kelly! I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos. I assume that’s the Penguins, you’re referring to? Oh my… well… if it makes you feel any better, I actually grew up in the same town as Dan Bylsma and even went to elementary school with him (he’s a few years older). But still, go Wings! 🙂

      • oh! HELLO! Just checked out your blog…. oh yes, definitely the Penguins. Admittedly, I am a little jealous that you got to go to a playoff game. I’m in the New England area…far, far from my beloved Redwings. 😦

    • Ah, classmates with Bylsma?! Yes I am a Penguins fan! My husband shares season tickets, so I luckily get to go to a few games a year. You may have to make a road trip to Boston (or Canada if closer?) and see the Wings play a road game one day. And I highly recommend sneaking down to the glass during the pre-game warm-ups to take pictures, so much fun!

      • Ah yes, well, I’ve been to “The Joe” once in Detroit, but I also lived in Dallas-Fort Worth for many years and caught several games. I always got there super early to get as much glass time as I could. The first thing I did when I moved to New England about 2 1/2 yrs ago was find out when the next Bruins / Wings game was in Boston because they’re only here every other year. Had myself a lovely 5th row blue line seat. Best yet!!! 🙂

  3. Fantastic seats! Being that close to the players during warm-ups leaves me star struck, haha, can’t imagine watching game from there. Have never seen the Pens on a road game yet, on my to-do list one day for sure.

  4. dmbphotography says:

    I’m a big fan of the Red Wings as well. Second round starts this week Friday! 🙂 Hope you get to catch some of the games! Let’s go Red Wings!

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