Day 110 – April 20 RAW

Oh yes… for those non-photog folks out there, have you heard of a “raw” file?    That would be an image that hasn’t been edited in any way.  That’s what you’re getting tonight.  In fact, this one was shot with my iPhone.  I was out with friends and didn’t have my camera with me (shame on me)… I just happened to take it out of my bag at the last minute, by accident, and forgot to put it back in.  So, I thought I’d share an image of a fun chalk drawing.  The hard part is that I’m having trouble editing it, because trust me, I would have!!!  🙂  I just uploaded it and apparently only part of the image is coming up… the bottom is grey!  Oi vay!!!   So…. here’s the little man… enjoy!  And laugh.  Please, just laugh, because I am!

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