Day 119 – April 29 Spring In Bloom

I arrived home late this afternoon to notice that one of my small trees in my front yard is blooming like mad!  Such a beautiful thing to come home to on a Friday afternoon!  I grabbed my camera before I even set foot in the door and started snapping pictures.  Gosh, and to think I was pondering creating an image in honor of the Royal Wedding.  Pshaw! 🙂  Of course, many congrats to the lovely couple!  Sorry though, these beautiful blooms trumped their little gathering.  I’ve noticed that leaves are randomly beginning to appear on a variety of trees and I’ve also started watching the surf report and cameras daily.  Now, just a little warmer weather would be nice!  Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to Day 119 – April 29 Spring In Bloom

  1. Hallysann says:

    The blossoms are lovely, they bring on the “seasonal sniffles” but I still search them out with wide-eyes.
    Pictures like this are worth every sneeze.

    • Aw, you are too kind, thank you! I agree, the seasonal sniffles are in full bloom as well. Quite frankly, I’ll be glad when spring has passed and the sniffles have gone back into hibernation. For now, I just try to enjoy the beauty of springtime. Thank you again!

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