Day 121 – May 1 Aged Wood

Holy cow, it’s May!!!  I can’t believe how the year has flown by.  I spent a little time sweeping off my back deck and bringing some of the patio furniture out.  I sat out there, enjoying the sunshine with the dogs for a while and was thinking back to how not long ago I actually jumped off the back of the house onto the deck when I got done shoveling snow off the roof.  There was THAT much snow!  Yet today it’s bright and sunny with hints of summer on the way.  Of course, I happened to notice how “aged” my deck is looking these days… hopefully this is the last spring it sees.  This is a photograph of the deck, paint peeling and all.

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One Response to Day 121 – May 1 Aged Wood

  1. Geoffrey Hull says:

    Ha! Wood

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