Day 126 – May 6 Great American Tradition

Tonight I finally had the opportunity to attend a baseball game at Fenway Park.  This was my first time inside the ballpark.  Sure, I could’ve gone sooner – if I was willing to pay over $100 for standing room only entry!  Yikes!  The Red Sox fans are passionate about their team and going to a game at Fenway is quite an experience.  Special thanks to my friend, Robin, who offered me the tickets!  It was a warm, sunny day and game time was at 7:10pm.  I went with another friend and we enjoyed a few beers and some dinner across the street before the game.  We sat outside for dinner and the people watching was amazing!  Better than airport people watching!  🙂  At the entrance, we were greeted by an incredibly kind man who has been doing that job since 1977 and was wearing a championship ring!  We had a father-son pair of Minnesota Twins fans that flew in for the games this weekend sitting right in front of us that were a blast.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better first experience at Fenway – except for a Red Sox WIN!!!  Twins won.  😦  That’s ok…. good times had by all!!!  I took over 100 photographs and this is one right before the game.  I’ll post the rest on flickr later today (jmimages).  Here’s a classic ballpark shot….

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2 Responses to Day 126 – May 6 Great American Tradition

  1. Sharon says:

    Did I hear you say you wanted the Red Sox to win……Ha! We’ll turn you into a Red Sox fan yet!!!!

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