Day 127 – May 7 Gary Allan!!!

I had the opportunity of a lifetime to get up close and photograph my all-time favorite musician, Gary Allan.  I already had tickets to the concert and figured, hey, can’t hurt to ask, right?  I contacted the venue and was thrilled when they said they’d give me a pass.  Yippee!!!  It was an incredible night.  I was up close to photograph the first three songs and my actual seats were incredibly close too (perks of fan club membership!).  Afterward I met the drummer and had a wonderful time chatting with him, then met the steel guitar player and actually ended up having a beer with him and his brother.  I took over 900 photos last night… lots of sorting to do and likely hours of editing.  Here’s a quick shot from last night.

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8 Responses to Day 127 – May 7 Gary Allan!!!

  1. Pam says:

    Oh my word, you must have been pinching yourself to make sure it was real! What a fun experience!

  2. Steve Wierengo says:

    Very Nice Shot!
    Definately got your” foot in the door” with that opportunity!

  3. Missy says:

    Great photo it sounds like you had a great time thanks for sharing. 8)

  4. Faye Massey says:

    I got to “share” your pics from GA concert on FB, because I saw it when someone was ‘tagged’ they are very very–not enough words, to say how much I loved seeing them—terriffic–Yep very big on GARY ALLAN—since ’06

    • Thank you so much Faye! I was SO fortunate to have a press pass that night and had an amazing time. Thank you for checking out my blog too! 🙂 By the way… did you see blog post the day after with the signed drum stick? What a night!!!

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