Day 132 – May 12 Dollyrots!

Wow…the past week has been busy!  An old friend from high school, Chris, who’s in a band out of LA was performing last night in Boston (yes, I’m posting this the day after, but I guarantee it was shot on May 12!).  Chris is on drums, Luis is on guitar and Kelly is on bass (and lead vocals).  They were opening for Bowling For Soup.  What a great show!  I highly recommend checking them out (  Their music is addictive.  😉  I wanted to post a shot that included everyone.  I have to sort through a few hundred shots still, but here’s one that I took standing back a bit on the side ramp that I had access to.  They’re all in the shot and the crowd is into it – good times!  Way to go Dollyrots!!!

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