Day 134 – May 14 New Sneakers!

I was looking for a new pair of gym shoes today and couldn’t pass up these cool sneakers.  Trust me, they really are pretty cool.  😉  It’s amazing how the marketing world and branding impacts our daily lives.  I immediately went right to the Nike store.  Why?  I’ve worn them for years.  I have narrow feet (and big, thanks to my Dutch heritage) and the Nike brand shoes have always run a little more narrow.  My dad used to wear Reebok all the time because his feet are wider.  Yet when I think of Nike, I don’t think of my shoes.  I think of the Air Jordan’s.  I think of the good ol’ days with Andre Agassi.  Does that, along with all of their other advertising, impact my purchase decision?  Probably.  Today it was a no-brainer though.  🙂

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One Response to Day 134 – May 14 New Sneakers!

  1. Pat Ykema says:

    My what big feet you have dearie!!

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