Day 138 – May 18 Grandma’s Elephants

Two years ago today my Grandma passed away.  She was my last remaining grandparent and her death is very fresh in my mind.  I have special memories of each of them and try not to dwell on their deaths, but remember their lives and what wonderful people they all were.   My Grandma was a very lively, vibrant woman.  Held her ground on her opinions and she was going to make darned sure they were heard, too.  Ok, let’s call her feisty.  🙂 She had an amazing amount of love for her 7 kids, 19 (I think) grandchildren and gosh… 24 (? when she passed?) great-grandchildren.  By the way, that’s 7 kids in 8 years, so I think it’s fair to say her love for my Grandpa was endless.  😉  She collected only a few things, one of which was elephant figurines.  Quite honestly, I have no idea why.  Yet I remember the elephants in various places throughout the house.  I believe it was the last time I visited her before she passed, she gave me two of her elephants.  Most people would look at them and just pass them off as old ceramic elephants, likely not worth much.  But to me, they’re absolutely priceless.  Instead of closing this post with something sappy (because I know I’ll cry) I’ll just say “cheers” and go pop open a beer, because that’s exactly what Grandma would’ve wanted.  🙂

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4 Responses to Day 138 – May 18 Grandma’s Elephants

  1. Dad says:

    Love, dad

  2. jess says:

    She was the only woman who could tell dad to “shut up” with a smile on her face… and he listened! LOL

  3. Tysh says:

    We have a couple Elephants as well . . . they are in my hutch in the dining room. We miss her too.

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