Day 142 – May 22 Antiques

I decided to venture to my city’s downtown area this afternoon.  I was hoping to get  a nice photograph of the tug boats in the harbor, but the sky was so grey and glum that anything I took with the sky  in the background just looked horrible!  I’ll try another day.  Instead I thought I’d share an image I captured from one of the small little alley-way roads with an antique shop.  I’m assuming there are apartments or condos above.  I love how they made their own little garden area right out front!  🙂 

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4 Responses to Day 142 – May 22 Antiques

  1. Geoffrey Hull says:

    I love that stairway! Nice shot!!!

  2. Hallysann says:

    I love that my camera makes me look at things like this, before I started taking photos of my surroundings I would have just walked by without noticing.
    Great picture.

    • Thank you so much. I completely agree, I find myself looking at things completely differently, finding the beauty in everything and looking at details that I never would’ve paid attention to before. The only thing that I’m cautious of is that sometimes I’m so wrapped up in how something would look in a photograph that I forget to just stop and enjoy the beauty of it. It’s all about balance! 🙂

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