Day 145 – May 25 Popcorn Anyone?

Folks, this is beer and popcorn with meaning!  We are all unique individuals.  I’m reminded of that daily.  Some little gene structure makes us all strum to our own beat.  There are folks that are more like the keel of a sailboat, even and ever steady (well, until you hear “jibe ho!” I guess  🙂 ) and you can’t necessarily predict their actions, but you usually have a pretty good idea what they’ll do.  Then there’s the opposite end of the spectrum, with folks that are more like popcorn machine with thoughts and ideas and actions bouncing all over the place and you really just never know what is going to land where.  Yes, unique.  Those of us that tend to fall somewhere in the middle might be challenged by either end of the spectrum.  This photo is for all the popcorn machines out there and the beer is for a little toast to them that a friend said today: “cheers to those that can’t be consistent or are wild in their patterns of thinking!”.  Yes, cheers.  🙂

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2 Responses to Day 145 – May 25 Popcorn Anyone?

  1. Geoffrey Hull says:

    Nice glass!!!

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