Day 148 – May 28 Old Door

Well, it’s an old door as far as New England goes.  My sister has this thing with doors.  I have no idea what it is or why she likes them, but she put in a “request” (oh yes, I take requests!) for a photo one day to be of a nice door.  The town that I live in is very old as far as the United States goes.  It was established in 1623, I believe.  One of the first areas that the British settlers set foot on.  Hence, the area is called “New England”.  🙂  With that all said, I have an abundance of lovely doors to photograph.  In the area that I was in where I took this photograph, I probably could’ve walked for another hour and taken 50 more photographs of pretty doors.  However, I’ll be honest.  I was hungry for dinner, so I stopped at this one.  I also took a snapshot of the sign outside the house regarding the history of it.  My dear sister and everyone else, I hope you enjoy it! 



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5 Responses to Day 148 – May 28 Old Door

  1. jessie says:

    i LOVE LOVE this pic. It captures the true essence I feel when in Portsmouth. The amazing purple color with the black latch… and the Betsy Ross flag. Amazing. Thank you!!

  2. Hallysann says:

    I like doors too.
    Wide open, inviting you in …
    Slightly ajar, tempting you to go further …
    And closed tight, leaving you wonder what’s on the other side with only your imagination to limit where they could go.
    I’ll hunt around my files and see if I can find a good door for your sister to share too.

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