Day 149 – May 29 USCG and Tall Ships

Every Memorial Day weekend, my town welcomes in a few tall ships into the harbor.  Some are originals, others are replicas.  At times, they even bring in a  US Coast Guard vessel or two.  Both young and old arrive to explore the ships and learn about their history and their capabilities.  I didn’t pay the entrance fee to step onto the tall ship, Gazela, but I was able to capture a few photographs from the docks.  Entrance onto the USCG boat, Flying Fish, was free because, of course, as tax payers we own it.  The Flying Fish was commissioned in 2002 and is a relatively new 87′  cutter.  It patrols and aids in rescue from New Jersey all the way up to Maine and is stationed in Boston, Massachusettes.  The Gazela Primeiro is a 177′ Portugese ship built in 1883.  Both beautiful in their own right.  Then again, I love boats of all sorts and to me they’re all beautiful.  🙂  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Day 149 – May 29 USCG and Tall Ships

  1. Kara says:

    Great shots Jean-Marie. My favorite is the first close up one. I love the colors you captured perfectly. Love these shots and they remind me of my friend who loves the water. That would be you BTW! Nice work!

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