Day 151 – May 31 Surfboard Wax

Ah…. there’s nothing like the smell of surfboard wax.  I love it so much I leave it sitting on my kitchen counter and sometimes, just pick it up and take a sniff.  Usually a lovely coconut aroma, it reminds me of the tropics and warm weather and well… relaxing.  I got out tonight, in hopes of catching a few waves.  I watched the darned cameras, painstakingly, throughout the day while I was at work, hoping the beautiful surf would continue.  Unfortunately when the tide changed, it got pretty messy.  Still, I went out and caught a few waves.  If nothing else, it was a great workout.  When  I got back I decided to add some more wax to my board so it was ready to go for next time.  This one is a beauty… a 9’6″ Robert August “What I Ride”… yeah, as in Robert August from Endless Summer.  He’s done very well designing and building boards.  That’s a chuck of Sex Wax Humps sitting on top that got widdled down to nothing by the time I was done…. time for a little trip to the surf shop for more.  🙂

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