Day 155 – June 4 White on White on White

Today I thought I’d try a monochromatic look with three different white subjects that led me to a grey scale image.  White marshmallows on a white serving dish on a white board.   Boy, talk about white balance issues!  🙂   Just a little experiment on my part, nothing overly exciting.  And yes, I ate far too many marshmallows during the session!!!

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2 Responses to Day 155 – June 4 White on White on White

  1. Nicholas says:

    White on white on white – talk about playing with fire. This look pretty good, and tasty. What is your trick? Everytime I try, my images comes out too gray.

    • Thanks Nicholas, and thanks for checking out my little project! Yeah… I know, it felt like playing with fire! 🙂 I have no idea how I got it to work out. It’s still not completely what I was aiming for – too many shades of grey. This time I used natural light coming in from a side window. In the past I used a flash or incandescent lights. Maybe the natural light helped?

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