Day 157 – June 6 Lightening Fast

Technology, that is.  It’s amazing how technology has advanced over the past 50 years.  Gosh, over the past 10 years even.  At first the speed at which new concepts were introduced was rather slow.  Now it seems like the minute you purchase something it’s out of date.  Computers are a great example.  Well, today I was looking for my little iPod.  It’s a small 2GB one that clips to my sleeve and only plays songs on random.  It’s tiny and is usually in my gym bag.  So of course, I was having trouble finding it.  I know… I know… it was right where I left it.  🙂  I ended up using my iPhone.  I could’ve grabbed my other full size iPod.  Or, I could’ve gone OLD SCHOOL and grabbed my discman!  I think I still have it.  What’s amazing is that these days, even CDs seem a bit outdated.  With MP3 files and services like iTunes and the like, I rarely buy them for music any more.  In fact, this CD is an educational one and not even music related.  Here’s to goin’ waaaaaaaay back! 😉


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4 Responses to Day 157 – June 6 Lightening Fast

  1. Hallysann says:

    I know what you mean. I had to venture up into the attic (loft) yesterday and found a box labled “Disney Videos”.
    When my girls were growing up they had one each for birthdays and christmas so we got together quite a collection. When they grew up, I decided to save them for the grandchildren to watch.
    The way things are going, I won’t be able to play them for the grandchildren to watch.
    (I’m still waiting for the grandchildren)

    • Lol… ok, you really do have me laughing because my parents have likely done the same thing. In fact, my Mom works full time at Disney World and my Dad works there part time, so they have TONS of videos. Thankfully my 3 younger siblings have stepped in and provided a few grandkids and without a doubt, they love the videos! Good luck on the grandkids! 😉

  2. Frank Velez says:

    Great image! It has that 80s retro look to it.

    It’s amazing how quickly digital music took over.

    I wonder where things will be in 10 years.

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