Day 160 – June 9 Hop In!

Sometimes all we just want is a lovely bubble bath and a nice glass of wine.  Tonight I had all these aspirations of what I would photograph and in the end, I left my “day job” later than planned in the midst of horrible thunderstorms and I’m just plain tired.  We all get tired and need to chill out a bit.  I’d love a bubble bath, but to be honest, it’s a bit warm for that.  I suppose I could take a cool one.  Not quite the same.  However, I’ll still manage that nice glass of wine.  😉  Thus, you get the mini tub.  If you can hop in this, well, I’d be quite impressed.  Happy almost-Friday! 

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One Response to Day 160 – June 9 Hop In!

  1. Hallysann says:

    I’m a picture person so I didn’t read the writing until I’d had a good puzzle over how empty your bathroom looked 🙂
    Lovely effect, maybe you should try it with the glass of wine in the front next time … that would really confuse me 😀

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