Day 163 – June 12 Classic Stone Wall

In the greater New England area one thing we are in no shortage of are stone walls.  You’ll see them around historic buildings, in the country on properties, around walkways and homes, built around newer homes, around parks or cemeteries, and at times, in just plain random places.  For example, today I was walking along a lovely area close to the ocean, not far from a park and randomly, there was a stone wall.  Years ago ( 18th and 19th centuries) they were built for dividing property lines and containing both animals and crops.  Today they may be used for the same reasons, but most times they appear to be added for aesthetic reasons.  This stone wall has the green hue of age and there’s no telling how long it’s been there.  I also included some pretty flowers I came upon during my walk.


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One Response to Day 163 – June 12 Classic Stone Wall

  1. Hallysann says:

    Don’t you just love how there’s no cement or pointing and yet these walls stay around forever 🙂

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