Day 166 – June 15 Baseball Field

Before French class this evening I took another quick stroll on campus, in the opposite direction from where I went last week.  Just behind the building that I have class in is where the baseball field is located.  The college has finished the spring semester and the baseball season has long since passed, but the grounds crew is still taking care of like there was a game any day now.  The mounds are covered and protected.  The dugout is ready and waiting for the team to come back and gathering on the seats, lean on the fence.  The ball field almost looked like it was feeling a bit lonely.  Good thing it has some nice folks to look after it through the year.  In the meantime, the professional leagues have been busy for a while and will continue to be until late September.  Go Tigers!  🙂



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7 Responses to Day 166 – June 15 Baseball Field

  1. Dad says:

    Go Tigers! They play the Rays in August and I think I’ll bring my hat that week….love dad

  2. Dad says:

    and I will take my hat to the Game!

  3. Dad says:

    Nice chatting with you. Bruins up 3-0…. have a good day tomorrow… lov

    and mom in grand rapids with 60 degree temps and rain and cloudy and……

  4. Kieran Hamilton says:

    I love the first shot, the vignetting and the perspective work really well.

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