Day 167 – June 16 Color Test

No, it’s not a test to see if you’re color blind, although I’m sure you could use this photograph for it.  Nor is it a test of the names of the colors (because I would fail that one miserably!).  Rather, it’s a test of the actual color I see on my monitor compared to what is in front of me that I see “in person”, not the photograph.  I won’t get into all the lovely details, but the way that your camera “sees” the color is based on Kelvin temperatures and corresponds to the temperature at which a certain metal  must be heated to emit light of that color.    This photograph was at 6150 degrees.  Thus, it’s interpretation might be different than what you really see.  My goal was to have the colors of the Crayons, match what I see.   Yes, my monitor is calibrated.  Admittedly, it’s quite difficult.  I was using a flash, but with such a variety, I found it very difficult to have white be white while keeping others like “goldenrod” and “spring green” true to color.  The primary colors definitely did better.  I’m sure that if I had a small studio box set up with the right lights, things would get a bit better.  Nonetheless, an interesting little experiment for myself.  It might have me thinking about certain camera settings differently in the future.  On that long, not-so-exciting note, happy Thursday!  🙂

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2 Responses to Day 167 – June 16 Color Test

  1. Hallysann says:

    Hmmmn, definately something worth thinking about.

    • It brought me back to my days in college (university) with my very first photography class I took my senior year (as an engineering major) just because I wanted to… didn’t count toward credits for my degree at all. I really learned so much in that class regarding white balance! 🙂

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