Day 171 – June 20 Gourmet Garage

Sometimes you just take the unexpected and roll with it.  Tonight was certainly one of those nights.  I started out meeting up with a friend that was passing through town and happens to be passionate about bahn mi, a Vietnamese sandwich.  The problem was that the place we wanted to go to (that is fairly new) is closed on Mondays!  So… we started to make our way to the usual pub and in the midst of all that, received a text from a friend that there was some serious grilling going on.  Ah yes… at the “Gourmet Garage”.  It earned that name and the grilling has been exceptional every time I’ve been there (yes – a friend’s garage!).  It’s just a few blocks from where we were parked (the beauty of living in a smaller town) and we walked over that way, stopping to pick up some tasty libations on the way.  The food was exceptional (special thanks to Christian!) and here’s a quick snapshot of the tomato/basil salad.  Yummy!

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7 Responses to Day 171 – June 20 Gourmet Garage

  1. Mario Buttali says:

    Great food and great company!

  2. Hallysann says:

    Great name “Gormet Garage” 😀
    Sounds like you had a great evening too.

  3. jess says:

    I still remember our pasta meal there. AMAZING!!

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