Day 184 – July 3 Baby Steps

The photograph I’m sharing with you today represents small baby steps in the world of gardening for me.  I don’t claim to have a “green thumb” and likely never will.  I’ve grown herbs nearly every summer, but that’s about it.  This year I contemplated building a raised bed garden in my back yard, but I wasn’t sure how things would go, so I decided to try the potted variety first.  Wow… I have tomatoes growing!  There are 3 on two different plants right now and if they make it to maturity, I’ll be thrilled.  Perhaps after taking baby steps I’ll be able to get a bit more adventurous!  🙂

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4 Responses to Day 184 – July 3 Baby Steps

  1. Dedy Iswanto a.k.a Didex says:

    Lovely green in your image… simple and beautiful

    • Thank you. Believe it or not, it was lightly raining when I captured the photograph also. Hopefully tomorrow will be warm and sunny as we celebrate our Independence Day in the United States. I’m hoping to capture some classic “Americana” photographs. 🙂

  2. dogear6 says:

    I loved the tomato! I started gardening again several years ago after many years of not doing it. I posted some pictures from my garden over in my blog too.


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