Day 187 – July 6 Weather Changes

This evening before French class (my last until fall –  yey for the break!) I noticed there was a small group gathering to watch a baseball game.  I wondered who it was since I was on a college campus and the students are gone for the summer.  I spoke to a nice couple that told me the group was part of a “U-15” league, meaning under 15 years old.  The players come from a variety of areas and are likely some of the better players for their school.  They were warming up, so I captured a few photographs, one of which is below of the pitcher warming up.  He’s got that “hike the leg up” thing figured out it looks like!  🙂  I quickly exited and went to class.  When I came out though, things were a bit different in the sky.  The thunder started to roll in and the skies were quickly turning dark.  Oh, it was a lovely hour long ride home!  The second photograph is one that I took just about 10 minutes away from campus.  The rain stopped briefly so I pulled over and captured the sky as the storm was moving in.  There’s more on the way…. let’s hope the night isn’t too thunderous!

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6 Responses to Day 187 – July 6 Weather Changes

  1. jsh0608 says:

    That sky picture is a stunning picture. I defintely have to get me a better camera. :0)

  2. Didex says:

    Lovely atmosphere in the last photo….

  3. dmbphotography says:

    What a beautiful shot of the weather! It’s stunning.

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