Day 197 – July 16 Club L Cookout

Today, once again, I had the pleasure of participating in one of the great American summertime traditions, a cookout.  Some might call it a BBQ, but others might contest that a BBQ has to do with a certain sort of meat and the way it’s prepared, so I’ll just call it a cookout.  Wow, the hosts outdid themselves!!!  This was a gathering for all ages so both kids and adults were well represented.  There were two “chefs” taking care of the grill all day and a DJ making sure the music was playing at all times.   The swimming pool was always busy as it was a hot summer day.  The “belly flop” contest was definitely one of the highlights, with categories for kids, women and men.  The judges shared their scores and awarded trophies and medals to the winners.  The night ended with a phenomenal fireworks show.  Wow!  Quite a show for a private “backyard” fireworks show!!!  I have over 300 photographs from the evening and tried to share a few with you.  Fun times!  Special thanks to the hosts, Mike and Lisa!  🙂

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4 Responses to Day 197 – July 16 Club L Cookout

  1. Eileen says:

    WOW! Just love these shots. And that one of the little girl against the post …. just a gem! Thanks for the invite. I had a blast. 😉

  2. Didex says:

    Love all these pictures… the little girl is very beautiful picture..

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