Day 209 – July 28 Helping Hand

Tonight I took my black lab, Tucker, for a walk on the beach.  We have limited hours that dogs are allowed on the beaches during the summer months and the weather was gorgeous, so I thought I’d enjoy the evening by the ocean.  I contemplated surfing, but I really wanted to give Tucker some company and get him out for some exercise.  Of course, I had my camera with me.  As we were walking along I noticed a family, all dressed in white shirts or white dresses, getting their pictures taken by the water.  I think the kids were let loose to play and have fun and when I looked back, I saw three of them making their way through a portion on the beach where the water comes up a bit higher to another sandy area.  It was absolutely adorable how one little boy offered his hand to another that didn’t seem as comfortable in the water.  Soon, they were all smiling and having fun.  It was great to watch the innocence of their playfulness and how they had fun.  Kind of makes me wish I were a kid again.  🙂

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2 Responses to Day 209 – July 28 Helping Hand

  1. didex says:

    Great moment,,, Lovely beach… yeiy…

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