Day 215 – August 3 Street

Tonight I was fortunate to meet up with a friend passing through town on business.  We went to a local restaurant that’s fairly new and is called “Street”.  They have a very diverse menu of appetizers, sandwiches, “big bowls”, desserts and of course, drinks, from all over the word.  This friend of mine is a Bahn Mi aficionado, so of course, we ordered that as well as Falafel (pictured) and shared.  We added some yucca fries and curry potato fries to the mix (both pictured).  After all of that, we managed to finish it off with a lovely little carrot cake singlet (pictured), Zeppoles (these incredible little dough balls rolled in powdered sugar with a custard middle) and the Kahlua Brownie Foole.  Anything with real whipped cream, Kahlua and chunks of brownies HAS to be good.  Oh, and it was.  It was all excellent.  Let’s not forget the locally brewed beer too.  Yes, no doubt I shall sleep well tonight…. and hit the gym tomorrow!!!  😉



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4 Responses to Day 215 – August 3 Street

  1. didex says:

    It looks very nice,,, suitable for my iftar menu today…

  2. Mario Buttali says:

    Looks wonderful! I love food porn. Was it falafelicious? And what about that candle?

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